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Our History

The term “cosmeceutical” was first introduced in 1961 by Raymond Reed, one of the founders of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists in the USA. He used the term to describe cosmetics that contain active biological ingredients. Shortly afterwards, in 1962, Len Klaphaak introduced Webecos, the first genuine Dutch brand with products containing high concentrations of ingredients that had been seriously clinically tested, and which could therefore have more than just a pampering effect.

At that time, Len Klaphaak was a leading figure in the Dutch beauty sector.  As well as being a beauty specialist, she was a cosmetologist and the author of the famous ‘green book’ titled “Kosmetika en aanverwante produkten” (Cosmetics and Related Products), which was for years the ultimate reference work for professional beauty specialists. As a teacher for the Stivas vocational training course for beauty specialists, she was also very keen on further developing the level of quality in the beauty sector. She saw that pharmaceutical products were underpinned and produced in a much more professional manner than the cosmetics of the time. She therefore had her products manufactured by a pharmacist. This also explains the name of the company she founded: Webecos is an abbreviation of “Wetenschappelijk Bereide Cosmetica”, or Scientifically Prepared Cosmetics. This made Webecos truly the first ‘cosmeceutical’ brand in the Netherlands.

Today, Webecos still maintains the principle of developing and producing its own recipes in a pharmaceutical environment. More than 50 years of experience and continual research and development of new active ingredients and methods make for optimum satisfaction with the treatments and products. Most of the active ingredients used are of pure, natural origin. Of course, none of the products are tested on animals.