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Webecos has developed a variety of treatments that, among other things, are discussed during the courses. These are for the treatment of fine lines, hydration, and blemishes, and also for the general improvement of skin condition. After all, that is the way to keep your skin in shape. Not only to feel good, but also to look good for as long as possible.

Treatments by elementary skincare

Caviar treatment

With this treatment you give your skin the optimum treatment using our luxury Caviar Extract, which is rich in numerous minerals and vitamins.

+/- 60 min

Purifying treatment

Blemishes are dealt with at source. The restorative and anti-inflammatory properties of this treatment will help the skin recover.

+/- 45 min

French Paradox treatment

This line is based on the powerful grape seed extract, also known as ‘Resveratrol’: a powerful anti-oxidant that combats ageing of the skin and keeps it healthy!

+/- 60 min

Myox treatment

Counters the first visible mimical wrinkles with the peptide from the hibiscus seed: a natural ‘Botox’ effect.

+/- 60 min

Detox treatment

Activates the skin’s detoxification process and healing capacity to restore a healthy glow to your skin!

+/- 60 min

Luxury Eye treatment

With this luxurious, nourishing treatment, the vulnerable skin around the eyes is gently bathed for a while to combat lines and wrinkles.

+/- 30 min