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Your Skin

The skin is the biggest organ of the body. Skin protects us from harmful exterior influences. It ensures that we don’t easily get overheated, too cold, or too dry. The skin’s sense of touch allows us to feel things and, for example, get goose bumps. Our skin makes us recognisable to people around us. The skin of our face lets us show joy, sadness or tiredness through our expressions. In short, our skin makes us what we are, so it deserves all the care and attention we can give it.

Skin consists of a number of layers, and is covered by a thin layer of sebum. Under this layer of sebum is the epidermis, a layer consisting of dead skin cells. This may sound odd, but this layer has two important functions: firstly, it protects against chemicals, water and bacteria; secondly, it prevents moisture evaporating from the skin, which would cause the skin to dry out.

Skin condition depends on various factors such as age, lifestyle, climate, environment, and psycho-social disposition. These can cause changes in the skin, making it dryer, greasier or looser.